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Who we are

Flourishing Heart Ministries (FHM), founded by Tess Butler, is a ministry dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and helping you to THRIVE in life - to live out all you were created to be and do. No matter who you are, where you've come from or what your life is like right now, we believe there is a wonderful purpose for your life. 


From the young teenage girl struggling with body image, to the homeless person on the streets needing some extra love and a listening ear; all are worthy of love and attention, all should be seen and heard, and all should have the opportunity to flourish.


Our projects are dedicated to YOU & YOUR HEART (Flourishing Heart), by helping you to uncover your identity, discover your purpose and recover your health through our magazine, workshops and life coaching.


We also passionately believe that as humans, we find purpose in life when we look beyond ourselves and learn to see and love OTHERS. The TRIBE exists to encourage, equip and empower YOU to be the change in the world through our online member platform, tribe projects and tribe events.

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