The woman I want to be…

I want to be a woman of God. Not just any woman. I want to be countercultural. I want to be real. Genuine. Patient. Gentle. Someone who only cares what Jesus thinks of her. I want to be loving beyond what people expect and beyond what some think necessary. I want to use the talents God gave me to their fullest potential. I want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in where he is leading me. I want to dream with God and live every day with breath to say to Jesus I am yours now and forever because he gave me my breath. I want to live my days for him because he was the one who woke me up in the morning. I want to live my life in full colour, seeing through the eyes of Jesus. I want to grow in my love for him every single day. I don’t want to make a decision in my day without first consulting him.

I want to be a woman who trusts in Jesus with her whole heart, knowing he has the best plans in mind, far far better than my plans could ever be. I want to be a woman of faith. A warrior woman. One who believes in miracles and thanks Jesus in advance for the many blessing poured out on my life. I want to be a woman who brings life and joy into every situation and to every person. I want to be a woman of thanks. I woman who gives thanks to God in every situation, despite whether it’s good or bad because I know that God ALWAYS turns out everything for good. I want to be a woman of passion. A woman who is strong in her identity in Christ and knows that nothing can change who she is. A woman confident in who God created her to be. A woman who is vulnerable with God, telling him everything about my life, knowing that he already knows everything about me. A woman constantly seeking to put others first, just like her saviour was selfless in pursuing us. A woman of grace. A woman who not only forgives but treats that person as if they had never done anything, just like our dad in heaven forgives and erases everything we have done wrong, wiping the slate completely clean. A woman who acts like she herself is forgiven. A woman who is free. Free in who God created me to be. Free to be me completely. Free not to impress others, but only to impress the one who matters. A woman who waits patiently for God, knowing that he has perfect timing. And a woman who is in consequence, patient with those around her because she knows how patient God has been with her. A woman of beauty. A woman of life. A woman of joy. A woman of great hope. I want to be a woman in love with Jesus.

Tess XO


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