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My name is Tess Butler and it is one of my biggest passions to help people discover what they were created to be and do on this earth.

The UNLOCKING THE DREAM program covers 3 areas that I believe are key to helping you live with passion & purpose in your life. Identity, purpose & health.

We have all been designed and created intricately and uniquely. Which is why I believe discovering your purpose is not something you need to go out and search for, but it is already within you - it’s core to your identity. Our IDENTITY sessions been designed to help you understand YOU. Your gifts, talents, values, passions, strengths, dreams...the way you’re wired.


Learning who you are and learning to love and embrace how God made you is key to discovering what you were created to do on the earth. In our PURPOSE sessions you’ll learn how to start dreaming for your future and even how to break down those dreams into small, achievable steps and goals that you can start working towards now.

And finally, I believe a healthy lifestyle is what is going to help you sustain those dreams and sustain the call of God on your life. We were created body, soul and spirit - and I believe we have a responsibility to take good care of what the Lord has given us. Our HOLISTIC HEALTH sessions have been designed to give you the tools and skills to live healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and relationally.

Still unsure?


Dream in style with your nifty little dream pack, available as a separate purchase.

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