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The heart of  the magazine

Ever since I was a teenager, I remember looking at magazines for women in the shops and being frustrated at how over-sexualised they were. I began to notice the unrealistic expectations on looks and body image, the gossip and the rumours. The message I received through media and society growing up was that I was not good enough unless I was in a relationship with someone, that I was not worth enough unless a man wanted me, that I was not pretty enough unless I went on that diet, that I was not cool enough unless I bought those shoes….that I was not ENOUGH! But as a Christian, I believe that is the beauty of the gospel; in Jesus, we are ENOUGH.


The Flourishing Heart Magazine was launched in December 2020. It was created from a desire to bring worth and dignity back to women; to bring hope and encouragement to your everyday. I am passionate about bringing wholesome, life-giving content to teenagers, especially in a culture and time where social media is a key influence on body image and comparison, mental health issues are at an all-time high, suicide rates are rising amongst teenagers and young adults, and there is a desperate need for hope in the lives of young women.


The magazine is a collaboration of articles, real-life stories and creativity from people who inspire me. People of all ages and all walks of life – for I believe we can all learn from each other. You will find real conversations around health and wellbeing, shedding light on topics such as healthy body image and mental health. You will be inspired by authentic life stories from young and older women, and be taken on an adventure through the pages and beyond when we share places to go, things to do and people to see! Each edition has something to pull out, something to give and something to decorate with to encourage and inspire your generosity, hospitality, vision and creativity.

"The Flourishing Heart magazine was and still is a great read to remind myself about how much more there is to life. It taught me about understanding myself and my dreams more and encouraged me to make active decisions to strive towards these. Thank you so much for curating such a beautiful magazine inside and out!"


"Life-giving, easy read, relatable magazine. Great as a coffee table book or a gift."


"This magazine is so needed in a world obsessed with commercialism; by contrast, Flourishing Heart focuses on what gives true joy, and is a celebration of living a healthy and purposeful life. Love seeing the true stories of awesome people making an impact!" 


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