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Let's Find The Balance

How do you find a balance in emotional health?

We release emotions of being happy, angry, sad, bored, frustrated, surprised, sympathy, excited or scared, as a result of our experiences and relationships. Emotions are one of those tricky things, that are hard to balance, and on top of that, we didn’t come with a manual that we can look up answers like we do with Google, and ask key questions about ourselves. They are in our soul, intertwined with the mind and will (free will helps us choose our responses). These all affect our behaviours, experiences, memories and so much more.

I think we would be numb and robotic without emotions, and we would not be able to interact with the world and its creations including other people. We can experience incredible memories and emotions just by hearing a sound, a word, smell, or see something that takes you to a past encounter in a split second.

What is a good emotion and what is a bad one?

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad emotion, because we have them for a reason eg, surprise or fear can be a protection against a dangerous situation. Sadness and grief are healthy responses to loss in our lives, that are not meant to be suppressed.

Unbalanced emotions can cause us to fly off at the slightest comments, become angry, spiteful, or a crying mess in the corner. We can help people with our emotions of compassion, but we can also manipulate others through them, a child cries until it gets the ice cream it wants.

What are the things that indicate if we have our emotions at a well-balanced level? I have been pondering this for you, and one of the thoughts that came to me is: our emotions are balanced when they are not ruling us or others around us!

Some good questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are you unable to control the waves of emotions that come in your life?

  • Is your peace immediately taken away if someone says something you don’t like?

  • Are people uncomfortable around you because of swinging emotions?

  • Are you scared of your own emotions when you feel down, sad or angry?

  • Are you trying to hide sadness, because you think everyone expects you to be always happy?

  • Are you using emotions as an excuse to be rude or moody towards others?

Some helpful things you could do is:

  • Observe how you deal with your emotions and if you can express a range of them.

  • Note what are others saying to you about your emotional responses to life or them.

  • If you are stuck in an emotion such as sadness or anger, seek medical advice on how you can move forward.

  • Emotions that scare us, ie anger, may be due to emotional healing being needed.

  • Don’t give your emotions permission to overrun your mood or day, because it is a certain day or time etc, with practice you can choose to control your emotions, your words, and your mood. For example, I had a friend that would become depressed months before Winter, because it was getting closer. She would rob herself of happiness, depending on the season of the year.

Life is too short for us to agree on negativity. Embrace life, all its emotions, and seasons through healthy self-control. Give yourself permission to experience a range of emotions, that is designed to enhance our connections with people, animals, nature, and God.

Tanya XO


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