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Security In A Shaken World

Have you ever found yourself getting swayed from here to there, wanting to have your feet on solid ground but feeling like you’re stuck in a tornado of uncertainty?

It can be so easy to be tossed around by everything going on in the world at the moment. Maybe it’s not the world’s circumstances overwhelming you right now; maybe it’s your health, maybe it’s a relationship, maybe it’s a situation that seems impossible.

I want to encourage you, this is so okay! It’s so normal to feel worried, to feel overwhelmed. It’s so normal to crave greater stability and security. But that doesn’t mean we have to remain in that place.

I once heard someone give the analogy that we all build up walls around our lives in an attempt to protect ourselves and create security for ourselves. We build up a wall in the area of relationships, using our experiences to build bricks that we believe will protect us from harm and from uncertainty. We build up a wall in the area of our identity, stacking up bricks of what we think will bring security to who we are. We build up walls in all areas of our life, out of different kinds of bricks, desperate to find security.

But ultimately, this wall can’t bring us true security. It is only found in Jesus; He is the Rock we can stand on, our firm foundation, the only constant in our world.

So, how do we find security in Him?

We’ve built up these walls in our own efforts, but He wants to help us slowly deconstruct them, and let Him fill the gap instead.

As we give up each area of our lives to God, trusting Him with it instead of trying to control it with our own hands… It is in THIS that we find stability.

It’s a process that takes time. It takes us letting God into parts of our world and submitting them to Him, trusting Him in each area. More and more of our wall of security becomes filled by who He is, as we lay aside what we’ve built.

Maybe you feel like you can’t trust God. Maybe you trust Him in most areas, but there’s something you’re still holding on to, something you feel like you can’t submit to Him. I’ve been there. And it was such a wrestle. I had something in my world that was so close to my heart, so precious to me, that I was holding on to ever so tightly and I wanted to never let go. I was determined to keep building a wall to protect it. But slowly, as I let God into my heart more and more, I was able to trust Him more, and He helped me deconstruct the wall.

I found such freedom in finding my security in Him and trusting Him with this area of my life, rather than relying on my own efforts. And as I keep surrendering areas of my life to Him, I keep finding greater security in Him.

It’s not a demand, it’s not out of force. It’s out of His great kindness and love for us that He wants us to give Him our whole lives! He knows what is best for us, and there is no safer place for us to be than in His arms.

Laura XO



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