Love In Action

Lately it has felt like the world is riled up on sensationalism, and really there are quite a lot of terrible things happening out there that would give reason for this. However, something I’ve learned over the years is the power of love in action that changes the whole game. How easy is it to get slammed down into the pit of despair the minute we hear of groundbreaking news, that would have a devastating effect on the world around us and change it forever? I want to tell you that there is hope, and you can make a difference to painting a better picture than the one fed through TV screens and newspapers, that hope is love. I know that might sound very cliche, but it really is a game-changer.

At the moment most people in Sydney and across Australia are experiencing another strict lockdown, especially for those living in Western Sydney. This has caused a peak in mental health decline and sadly increased fatalities due to suicide which are now higher than ever in our nation. This overwhelming feeling of being trapped can really spur on depression and anxiety; but I want to highlight some ways in which you can still make waves through your region and across the nation by getting creative with your love. Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s an action and here’s where we can feel somewhat productive wherever we might be and whatever our situation is.

Love one another, one way we have been doing our bit in our community is by checking in, you’d be surprised by the people who are suffering and you wouldn’t expect it, even just put down one person a day on your list. A major area is your very own home, those core relationships that impact your everyday living and require time, attention, grace, and love. So the saying goes “a house divided cannot stand”, we can all vouch for this if you share your living space with anyone, especially family.

Love your neighbour, quite literally, whether it’s giving baked goods or having a yarn at a safe distance, it is so important that we feel like we have a greater support network around us and letting people know that they’re not alone.

Love from a distance, my family live out West and other friends living abroad, so I haven’t been able to see them at all apart from facetime. Yet, so long as I have their postal address I can send gifts i.e. food packages, gifts, letters (who doesn’t love an old fashioned letter to make you feel special!?). There’s also friends of mine who live in war-torn countries that I check in with and am able to donate to reputable ethical charities that I know will make a difference. I’m so often reminded that just because I can’t go anywhere, apart from exercising and grocery shopping right now, does not prevent my ability to keep on loving. Also, can I mention prayer, that has been the most powerful weapon which has channeled a greater love needed to conquer these battles.

Putting love in action has truly been a lifesaver for myself, and I pray for those around me too in this time. I’ve known it to be true that it really is far better to give than to receive. So, keep on giving your love where you can, and make sure that you remind yourself that you can make a change if you put your heart into it.

Lani XO


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