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Are you looking for a wholesome health and lifestyle magazine? One that brings hope, encouragement and purpose to your life? We’re so excited to launch ISSUE 02 of the Flourishing Heart Magazine: BLOOM!

This edition features articles about real issues such as human trafficking and keeping our oceans clean, beautiful stories of lives that have been transformed, wisdom and advice on dealing with emotions, peer pressure and worth, DIYs, recipes and so much more!

Issue 01: WILLOW, was all about being deeply rooted. It was about having strong foundations and sturdy roots deep in the ground so that you can withstand the storms of life that come your way. Well, after a tree has developed strong roots, it can begin to BLOOM! We believe this is a beautiful metaphor for your life. You were created to thrive, prosper, flourish and bloom in life. You were designed to live in freedom, seeing life in full colour. 


Flourishing Heart Magazine was created from a desire to bring worth and dignity back to women; to bring hope and encouragement to your everyday. The magazine is a collaboration of articles, real-life stories and creativity from people who inspire us. People of all ages and all walks of life – for we believe we can all learn from each other. You will find real conversations around health and wellbeing, shedding light on topics such as healthy body image and mental health. You will be inspired by authentic life stories from young and older women, and be taken on an adventure through the pages and beyond when we share places to go, things to do and people to see! Each edition has something to pull out, something to give and something to decorate with to encourage and inspire your generosity, hospitality, vision and creativity.


The magazine is made to be shown, shared and loved.

Flourishing Heart Magazine Issue 02: BLOOM

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