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Beautiful Spaces.

It’s always sat in the depths of my heart, but was really unlocked in the last week in moments with some very precious people…

The desire to craft & create beautiful places & spaces.

I want to create spaces that are an absolute treat for people to walk into.

Where all their senses are engaged and heightened, both physically and spiritually.

See. Hear. Touch. Smell. Taste.



To see is to perceive with the eyes, the discern visually, to watch, to observe, to notice, identify, recognise, mark and behold.

I want to create spaces where what you see is beauty. In the natural, for me, it looks like fairy lights and plants and beautiful colours. Homey, warm & beautiful. It’s clean and uncluttered, yet a space that is loved and lived in. Inspiring and uplifting.

But homey, warm & beautiful in the spiritual too, which comes from the Holy Spirit being invited into that space and making a home there. Generosity, hospitality, intentionality and kindness. A sweetness. A place to stop and rest.

A space that is marked by the presence of God, that is recognised by its creativity & expression of divine artistry.

But it’s not just the physical space - it’s also the people that inhabit the space that make it beautiful. The interactions, the love, the fountain of encouragement. Even amidst hardship & brokenness and suffering.

I desire to create spaces & places that LOOK beautiful.


To hear is to perceive with the ear the sound made by someone or something. To learn, glean, catch, take in and apprehend.

In the physical, I long to create spaces where people’s ears are in for a treat.

Whether it be a soft silence, the sounds of nature - the birds, the ocean, the rain - or precious music, worship. Where the precious gift of sound can be used to bring life & hope to deep parts of people’s souls.

Where the words people hear are life and encouragement. Where the words spoken over people bring value and worth. Where the tone is kind and compassionate and gentle. Where melodies and songs are sweet to the ears.

And in the spiritual, to create spaces where people can hear from God. A place without clutter, one that cultivates His word, that cultivates hearing Him. A space that creates room for Him and values Him. Quick to listen. Slow to speak and slow to become angry.

I desire to create spaces & places that SOUND beautiful.


To touch is to come into or be in contact with. To connect, join, access, graze, to affect with some feeling or emotion.

For there to be creativity and intentionality in the things you touch and feel. The cool, smoothness of marble, the soft touch of carpet, the delight of a fluffy rug, the comfort of soft and squishy pillows, the warmth of a hot cup of coffee.

For people to connect with their emotions and the joy & creativity of the Lord through touch. For people to connect with each other and join together. A place of spiritual access to all things beautiful.

I desire to create spaces & places that FEEL beautiful.


The ability to perceive odours or scents with the nose. To perceive fragrance, perfume, aroma, bouquet, to discover a substance in the air by using your nose.

For people to walk into a room and it to smell absolutely beautiful. Like a real treat. Not dark, dingy or stuffy. But to smell fresh, fragrant, like flourishing flowers.

For people to walk into a space and it smells like the fresh, flourishing fragrance of Christ. The oil of loving sacrifice, as a sweet incense to Jesus. For people to recognise the spiritual substance in the air as one that fills their hearts & soul.

I desire to create spaces & places that SMELL beautiful.


To taste is to have experience of, to encounter, to perceive and discern, to favour.

For all the food to be an absolute treat. Healthy, wholesome, and tasty. The best of the best. Served with love and time and sacrifice. An experience of the kindness and goodness of God. Food that is nourishing to the physical body.

In the spiritual, for conversations and atmosphere to leave a good taste - not a sour taste - in people’s mouths. To taste and see the Lord is good.

For people to have an experience of, and to encounter the love of Jesus.

I desire to create spaces & places that TASTE beautiful.


And as I was thinking about these places & spaces I so desire to create, I realised it’s just as much about what I cultivate in my own life & my own heart than about the actual space itself.

And the beauty and life cultivated in my own heart will spill out into these physical spaces.

And the only way I can cultivate this beauty is by allowing the only One who is truly beautiful - Jesus, to saturate my own life in His. And allow Him to pour out His beauty through me.

Oh, my heart so desires this. T. xo


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