Diamond Women

We recently had the privilege to interview Diamond Women - a pregnancy care centre for women with unplanned pregnancies. THE TRIBE at Flourishing Heart believe in Diamond’s heart & vision to love and support all women, and we’re excited for you to read about their work and what we can do to help.

When was Diamond Women founded? Why was it founded? What was the need?

It’s the 16th anniversary of Diamond Women this year. Diamond Women exists because no woman should have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. A woman facing the crisis of an unexpected pregnancy doesn't have a tribe in her corner, getting ready to throw her a baby shower. She doesn't have people she can talk to about how she's going to manage or what she should do next. She wants to know that if she chooses motherhood, she doesn’t have to do that on her own. That’s where Diamond comes in.

How does Diamond Women help? What does the process look like?

Diamond provides professional counsellors for women facing an unplanned pregnancy to navigate their options and the support available to them. We create a safe environment for women to work through the side effects of having an abortion. We enable support and intervention services for women facing domestic violence. We empower women to thrive independently on their journey. And women can access our services completely for free—removing any financial barriers that would make these options inaccessible for many women.

Women come to us, pregnant and emotionally vulnerable, and they want to know there’s going to be someone there for them—someone who can help them navigate the journey. That could be anything from advice on how to make hospital appointments for ultrasounds and tests, to emergency housing options, to pointing in the right direction for government assistance for new parents.

She wants to know that if she chooses motherhood, she doesn’t have to do that on her own. She wants to know what it could look like if she did carry her baby to term. And she wants to be told that if she did choose a termination, what’s involved in that procedure. What are the facts—in a non-emotive, non-political environment, not being bullied or harassed or dismissed.

We also see women seek help from Diamond Women after having an abortion. They come to us for counselling because they didn’t expect the level of grief they have experienced. We see women come to us from two days after a termination to 35 years after a termination. There is often deep grief, shame, and genuine sadness.

We believe that training women in the community to support other women on their motherhood journey is incredibly valuable. Our monthly Mum2Mum program aims to empower new mothers who have faced an unplanned pregnancy by connecting them with other like-minded mothers and mentors and offering life skills on self-care, parenting, managing finances, health and nutrition, and planning for future employment and relationships. And it’s available at no cost.

Our aim is to be there for as many women as possible, and to remove barriers for them to seek help—regardless of what their experience has been.

How can we be involved and help support Diamond Women?

Firstly: we have recently launched a community of monthly givers called The Village. It's about more than a monthly donation—this is about a real community making a real difference. We want you to feel connected, invested, and eager to share.

Your monthly donation makes sure no woman goes without the support she needs. Your dollars can enable critical counselling, restorative care, early intervention services, referral pathways, and so much more. You will know your impact through monthly reports and quarterly stakeholder events.

To join us, head to diamondwomen.com.au/the-village.

Secondly: another way to get involved is to sign up to become a volunteer mentor. Did you know that Diamond offers a mentoring program to women 100% free of charge? The only reason we can offer this service at no cost is because of our volunteer mentors.

These women give up their time to be a Diamond mentor because they believe in the cause. They believe that with the right support, women make incredible choices for themselves and their families. With the right support, these women can raise children, build families and strengthen communities. They believe it so wholeheartedly that they are part of the solution. They contribute their time and experience as a mum to walk alongside, champion, and care for women and families across all sectors of society.

A mentor is a friend, a supporter, a motivator, an advisor, an advocate, a role model, a listener, and a companion. (A mentor is NOT a surrogate parent, a qualified counsellor or psychologist, an ATM, a social worker, or a personal driver.) Mentors assure their mentees that they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges.

To apply to become a mentor, send us an email (info@diamondwomen.com.au) and someone will get in touch with you.

How can women get in contact with you?

Like and follow us on social media — @DiamondWomenAU on Facebook and Insta — or check out our website diamondwomen.com.au

How can we be praying for Diamond Women?

Pray for more churches to rally around their local pregnancy support center, rather than protesting outside abortion clinics.

Pray for more people to join The Village and volunteer as mentors, to ensure we keep our services free of charge so that no woman goes without the support she needs.

Pray for us as we serve women and put love into action.



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