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As part of THE TRIBE EVENTS, we are hosting an event called LOVE AND BEYOND.

The aim of this event is to gather and encourage people to go out into their community and spread love and kindness. You don't have to be someone famous, or have a popular public figure on social media to change the world; it's in the simple things we do daily that can change the world right now. Something as simple as a smile and wave to a stranger walking past you on the street can make someone's day shows us how easy it is to be a blessing to those around us.

Sometimes all it takes is gathering and empowering people, and setting a date and time for people to do this, so we want to provide you with a week in which you can show kindness to the community around you!

This event will take place from Monday 15th to Friday 19th of November 2021.


Some ideas of ways you can love your community and spread kindness are:

  • Paying for someone's food or coffee order.

  • Buying a bunch of flowers and leave them on someone's doorstep.

  • Sending a card/note to someone you care about saying how thankful you are for them.

  • Offering to mow your neighbour's lawn or do some gardening for them.

  • Baking a cake for your class at school, for your family, and/or for your neighbour.

  • Writing an encouraging letter or two and place them in a supermarket, playground, or out in the community for someone to find and read.

  • Giving someone a compliment.

We'd love to see all that you are doing to love your community and spread kindness so don't forget to post on social media and tag us at @thetribe.fhm so we can repost onto our Instagram story! We've also created the following hashtags for you to share throughout the week so we can see and share your posts on our social media.





Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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