Avalon Beach, NSW

Morning sun at Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach is situated “around the bends” of the Northern Beaches. This beautiful suburb has great community vibes, and there’s something for everyone to do! Advanced surfers looking for some swell are usually in luck down the south end of the beach near the rocks. Beginner surfers hoping for smaller waves have a pretty good chance of popping up at the north end where the swell is generally not as big and waves are cleaner.

what to do at avalon beach

Smaller children can have fun splashing about in the rock pool, while the older ones can test out their skills at the skate park! There’s plenty of places to grab a coffee or some lunch nearby, so you won’t go hungry on your day at the beach.

  1. Avalon Beach




PARKING: Paid council parking or 2-hour free street parking


BBQs: No





  1. Local cafes close by including the Beach House and Nourished

  2. Town Centre across the road with Woolworths & local shops

  3. Great lookouts on the north end (Bangally Head) and south end (Surf St)

  4. Skate park


  1. Sand drops off and water gets deep quite quickly

  2. Parking can be hard to find

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