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Hope Bringers

They were hope bringers Filled with light Passing on this secret to life Anchored deep Their hearts reached All who were stuck in the dead of night

I see a generation who bring hope everywhere they go. Lovers of the light, the very presence of God within them compels others to draw closer. I see a generation who carry a confident expectation in the goodness of God. Whose souls are anchored and secure by the hope they have received – and they, in turn, provide anchorage for those around them.

Though hope may not be visible, it is seen in those who carry it. Hope bringers are not immune to the storms of life, but they hold firmly to the Word of God. They are filled with faith and anticipation for the promise to come. I see a generation who bring life and light to dark hearts and souls. A generation who have the eyes to see those who are hurting, the ears to listen and the confidence to speak hope.

I see a generation whose words uplift, filled with truth and love. A generation whose eyes discern where hope is needed. Whose ears are open to the voice of the Lord. Whose minds are filled with the hope of Jesus. They are a generation of hope bringers.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,” HEBREWS 6:19

YOU are the God Lovers, the Dream Chasers, the Soul Seekers, the Generous Givers, the Hope Bringers, the Trend Setters, the Culture Shifters and the History Makers.

Tess XO



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