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Kindness Speakers

They were kindness speakers Crowning others With words that love uttered Building up, not tearing down Lifting others with a gracious sound

I see a generation who speak with kindness, as though they speak the very words of God. Their hearts in tune with the Spirit. Thoughtful. Gracious. Loving. Building up, not tearing down. Sweet words that bring healing to the heart and soul. I see a generation whose speech is gracious and whose words bring life. A generation who use their mouths to celebrate others, to instil courage, to lavish love and to nourish the soul. To elevate, to crown.

Their Spirit is soft, their heart humble, their ears attentive and their mind alert. They think before speaking whether or not their words are useful, whether they build up or tear down, whether they’re kind.

Their kindness is not mustered up from their own strength. Rather, it is an overflow from the kind words of their King. For He, above all, is kind. Kind when we are undeserving, kind when we fall short, kind when we walk the wrong way. HIS kindness is like fresh springs from the ground, like an immersive river. When we accept His kindness, when we jump in, we too can be kind like Him. He teaches us his ways.

I see a generation who, rather than gossiping, speak kind words about others behind their backs. Their words creating life. I see a generation who speak kindly of others who do not speak kindly of them. Who uphold and protect.

It’s a hidden quality…to speak kindly. But I see a generation of kindness speakers. And they shall be rewarded.

“Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out.” COLOSSIANS 4:6 MSG

YOU are the God Lovers, the Dream Chasers, the Soul Seekers, the Generous Givers, the Kindness Speakers, the Hope Bringers, the Trend Setters, the Culture Shifters and the History Makers.

Tess XO



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