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Palm Beach, NSW

Palm Beach is located at the very tip of the Northern Beaches. Situated on a Peninsula, this relatively quiet beach is most famous for its stunning views from the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk, “kiddies corner” surfing spot, and of course, it’s the backdrop for the popular TV show, Home and Away.

What to do at palm beach

If you’re an early bird, catch a stunning sunrise from the lighthouse as you look over the water to the Central Coast. It’s a little workout, but you’ll feel great and the view from the top is worth it! Head back down for a coffee and breakfast at the beautiful Boat House Cafe, located next to Palm Beach Golf Club on Station Beach. This trendy cafe is a beach-lover’s dream. I can highly recommend it!

Head down to the main beach and park yourself near the red and yellow flags. If you’re lucky, you might catch a local surf competition during the summer months! If you’re keen to try out your surfing skills but don’t have a board, don’t stress – the Beach Without Sand Surf Shop has got you covered with their surfboard hire!

Grab your friends and boogie boards and slide your way down the sand dunes on the north end of the beach! Just be sure you have the energy to walk back up again! Alternatively, make a sure drive around to the Bible Garden, located on Mitchell Rd. This beautiful garden overlooks Palm Beach from the south end, and is perfect for a springtime picnic!


PARKING: Paid council parking, free street parking is limited and hard to find


BBQs: Yes





  1. Beautiful, scenic drive around the bends

  2. Sand dunes on the north end

  3. Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk

  4. Picnic areas

  5. The Boat House Cafe

  6. Palm Beach Golf Club


  1. Free street parking is extremely hard to find



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