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Time to start

It was a year or so ago when I was telling my sister I wanted to be in a dance group at church. I had always loved to dance, and I wanted to be able to do this in a Christian environment and worship God through my dancing. It wasn’t until about 2 months ago when my sister was like, “well why don’t YOU start a dance group?” The thought had never occurred to me before! Was I gifted enough? Was I confident enough? Could I ACTUALLY lead a dance ministry?

I was looking through some of my old journals the other day, and on the 26/1/15, someone in my church had said she felt like God was calling me to step into creative ministries. Exactly a year later, my friend and I started dance ministry, and a month after that I led my first songwriting workshop for teenage girls! It’s amazing to look back on your life and watch how God has perfectly orchestrated everything….which is why I love journaling. I can look back on what I have written, my thoughts and prayers from years ago and see how God has been working in my life!

Everyone has God-given talents. Do you have dreams for the future? Is there something you want to see happen in your church? Your home? Your neighbourhood? Then I encourage you to go for it!! It’s time to start! Don’t just let those dreams and aspirations sit there and remain dreams and aspirations….they won’t help anyone! Go out and use your talents and your gifts for the good of this world. We will all benefit from what YOU can bring to our lives.

Tess XO


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